High Quality Y Type Strainer Manufacturer In Kochi

Most famous among industrial strainers are Y Type strainers and they take their name from their composition. Axegic Group Inc is the Y Type strainer Manufacturer in India, These strainers are generally used for many types industrial applications in heating and cooling processes, in various pipelines carrying water and other liquids. Commonly used in pipelines to prohibit damage of control valves, Flow meters, Gauges, pumps, and other process equipment.


“Axegic Group Inc” is one of the fast-growing manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Lined Diaphragm valve, knife edge gate valve, butterfly valves, swing check valves, plug valves and needle valves in Kochi. The high efficiency, untiring operations, low cost and flawless quality Industrial valve in Kochi are the irresistible attributes of our Diaphragm valve for what it has gained immense acknowledgement in the Kochi and surrounding towns. Our Diaphragm valve is designed owing the diversified requirements of the valve manufacturing industries and hence it has proven its capabilities by delivering outstanding results at the lowest price.

Mainly, our knife edge gate valve, Lined Diaphragm Valve, Industrial Valve, butterfly valves, swing check valves, plug valves and needle valves are broadly supplied to the various clients from Kochi.

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