Butterfly valve

“Axegic Group Inc” is one of the eminent manufacturer and supplier of the top form of butterfly valves in major parts of India. A butterfly valve is a valve that isolates or regulates the stream of a fluid and the closing mechanism is a disk that rotates. There are different kinds of butterfly valves are available in our company, each are custom-made for different pressures and different usages of industrial requirements. This valve is best matched for high-pressure systems and the butterfly valve is metal so that it can be machined such as to achieve a bubble tight shut-off when in contact with the disc. When the butterfly valve is fully closed, the disk completely blocks the line. When the butterfly valve is fully opened, the disc is at a right angle to the flow of gas or liquid. Their consistency and condensed maintenance requirements of Butterfly valves make them popular among the all over market. Their abridged level of wear allows the useful life of the valve to be longer and also minimizes the direct operating costs and cuts the hours of time required for valve upholding.

Features of Butterfly valve

  • Easier to handle and install
  • Available in nominal price
  • Minimizes the maintenance cost
  • Requires less space to install
  • Ideal for industrial purpose