Carbon Steel Diaphragm Valve

Being one of the presumed manufacturers of carbon steel diaphragm valve, we have strictly engaged to supply the most authentic and qualitative valves in India. Our carbon steel valve has the special forms of the dull and matte finish gaze that is more comparable to cast iron. Carbon steel is a premium quality metal alloy that is equivalent to stainless steel with only some foremost performance differences. Carbon Steel Diaphragm Valve has a faintly minor melting peak and less chemical resistances, but it is more flexible and sturdy and has improved heat allocation, due to its high carbon substance. This valve is manufactured with the high grade raw materials and also able give the long working life. And this carbon steel is frequently used for ball valves, butterfly valves, and all types of check valves etc. The offered valve is more suitable for the water & sewage treatment, power plants, chemicals & process plants etc.

Features of Carbon Steel Diaphragm Valve

  • Equivalent to stainless steel
  • Matte finished gaze
  • Qualitative metal alloys are to be used
  • Improved heat allocation
Carbon Steel Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter
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