Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

This stainless steel diaphragm is one of the famous products manufactured from our esteemed company. These Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valves consist of a flow-optimized stainless steel body, diaphragm, and a manual actuator. The diaphragm is both a switch element and a sealing element and can be easily replaced. The stainless steel diaphragm valves have no dead volume and can be mounted to be self-draining so; this enables the high flow capacities and a variety of applications to be realized. The flow can be continually adjusted with the hand wheel, making these valves extremely useful in applications in the food industry, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical markets. This compact valve is low- maintenance, has a pneumatic actuator in plastic, and is available in the fail safe to open, fail safe to close and double acting modes of operation.

This stainless steel diaphragm is widely known to the many customers due to its excellent features. Our consumers are getting the whole satisfaction from this industrial valve.

Features of Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve

  • Consists adjustable hand wheel
  • Low maintenance
  • Double acting modes of operations
  • Optimized stainless steel body
Stainless Steel Diaphragm Valve Manufacturer
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