Top Trusted Brand of Gate Valve Manufacturer is A Type Of Valve Where Obturator Moves To Either Allow Or Stop A Liquid.

Gate valves are used mainly for isolation and are commonly not recommended for regulation. We are a gate valve manufacturing Experienced team that creates an advanced robust design that provides you with a high degree of performance and longer life. We are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers of gate valve in Ahmedabad, India, providing you with the best quality standards and with international certification. The Axegic Group Inc Industries’s Gate valve is one of the most highly recommended valves because it is designed to withstand high-pressure and temperature applications as well. Valves can be actuated in many of ways, including electric, pneumatic, or other forms of actuation.

As one of the most trusted gate valve manufacturer in India, it comes with features such as an outside screw and yoke, bolted bonnet, pressure seal bonnet, rising stem valves, and various other features. At the best affordable price, you can buy any kind of gate valve that you need at a competitive price. The gate valve is one of the most settled products that our gate valve manufacturers have designed for critical applications.

Gate Valve

Special Features

  • We Valve are heavy duty, outside screw & yoke type, bolted bonnet, rising stem with non rising hand wheel.
  • Anti- friction bearings are supply in higher sizes and classes.
  • Bi-directional shut-off.
  • Deep stuffing box.
  • The two inclined seats grant for tight shut off even against high pressures
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